Octopus and APS

For many clients, putting a will in place brings about the realisation that their estate may suffer from inheritance tax (IHT). This could be the ideal time to bring up the subject of estate planning and to suggest ways in which your client can plan for IHT, without necessarily losing control over assets in their possession.

Octopus has partnered with APS to spread awareness of this growing advice opportunity. We’re the UK’s largest manager of investments that qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR)*.

BPR-qualifying investments offer a number of advantages over traditional options like gifting, life insurance and trusts.

*Tax Efficient Review 2016

Estate planning made simple

We launched the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service, our flagship estate planning product, in 2007. Since then, as the market for BPR-qualifying investments has developed, our reputation has grown from strength to strength. We’re hugely appreciative that advisers have come to know the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service as a preferred estate planning investment option for clients.

Octopus Inheritance Tax Service.

All our estate planning solutions.

Understanding the risks

Our products will place your clients’ capital at risk, so they could get back less than their original investment. Tax treatment depends on your clients’ personal circumstances and can change. Tax reliefs depend on the portfolio companies maintaining their qualifying status. Before deciding to invest, your clients must understand all of the risks and read all product literature carefully.

Nothing on this page constitutes investment, tax or legal advice. Estate planning investments may not be suitable for everyone so we recommend investors speak to a financial adviser. Any recommendation should be based on a holistic review of your client’s financial situation, objectives and needs. We’ve plenty of information that explains IHT and BPR, as well as helping with due diligence.